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Attic24: Mandala Wheels for Yarndale

Attic24: Mandala Wheels for Yarndale.

I have done it… I really have done it! I have decided (after saying I wouldn’t) to make Lucy a mandala for Yarndale. I would love to go one day (of course, having to actually be in the UK would be helpful for a start!) but I didn’t get to find out about the triangles for last year’s Yarndale until it was too late.

I went on the “We Love Lucy II” page on Facebook BEFORE I picked up my socks that I’ve been knitting a while (surgery really put a damper on my yarny projects) and read Lucy’s blog…. I’m hooked (not even trying to be cheeky this time) and I MUST make a mandala!!!

So, off I go to find a pattern…. the hardest part of nearly every project it seems.


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Post Op (Knee Surgery – MPFL) Day 3

Good evening! I’m excited because in less than 12 hours, I’ll be done with my first post op appointment at physical therapy.

I wanted to show WHY you should NOT get those small band-aids. I did take a shower tonight and then took them off to replace with the big pads. The steri strips did get pulled a bit….

Small band-aids before shower
After shower and removal of small bandaids – see how everything is winging up? Still very little blood.
Now with the larger and better band-aids…. all covered and waterproof!