Socks O’Plenty

Socks socks socks…. everywhere I look I see socks! I just finished my latest pair of hand knit socks in two days (yes two socks in two days) using a tweaked version of an old favorite pattern. I love the detail of ‘Hermione’s Everyday Socks‘ by Erica Lueder. Easy enough to memorize that I can knit while I watch my favorite show, but enough interest to make me continue without getting bored – that’s a good sock pattern for me. I did change a few things: I made them toe up with a short row heel and two at a time (TAAT) because I HATE when I get finished with one sock, very excited and happy; only to realize I have to do it’s twin… ugh! If I can knit a pattern TAAT, even if it gets a bit finicky, you better bet your yarn stash I’ll try it.IMG_0139Speaking of yarn stashes, I just added to mine this week – with a nice little shipment from Knit Picks. *drool* I love their sock wool so much. They produce my favorite mass produced sock wool!


Some of this will be sent to my friend overseas (she and I do yarn and sweets swaps at least once a year) and the rest will be socks for me (that always sound so selfish) I just need to get a pretty grey for the rainbow (for contrasting heels and toes)

What is your favorite sock wool?


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