Sock-inspirations! Sockspirations? Sockspo? It all says the same thing: sock knitting/knitters that inspire.

I’m one of those knitters that thinks I’m just an okay knitter. I am told that I am great, but I just think I’m good. I see these knitters on Ravelry and Instagram that make my heart flutter with excitement that I might be that great of a knitter one day as well. Granted I’ve only been knitting a few years…. 5 or so. I dabbled with loom knitting (it wasn’t for me and seems like more work than actual knitting) I’m an ex-hooker/crocheter because I only crochet blankets (I’ve tried knitting blankets but I don’t have the patience) though I’ve been wanting to knit a sock yarn scrap blanket but who am I kidding.

I want to knit sweaters one day, with the confidence and speed I knit a pair of socks. And one day I will, but socks are so darn portable and the fact that it is quicker gratification from finishing something you can wear, in a few days, makes me stay with socks.

Someone I follow on Instagram is one of my favorite sock knitters (her pictures are great!)  SarahHepworth!

I aspire to knit just as many beautiful and colorful socks resulting in a drawer just as gorgeous! I spy some of my favorite sock wool too! Good old Knit Picks Felici!

I have been scheduling in my planner when I need to have socks finished by and when I start a new pair. It’s helped me stay on track this year and exceed my plan of 12 socks in 12 months for my #yearofsockchallenge. This year I’ve started and finished 21 pairs of socks with two more to complete. One of those being my daughter’s Christmas gift and the other being some more for myself.

I’m only aiming for 12 pair next year, though I’m sure I’ll go over that. I have chosen some harder patterns so I can challenge my knitting abilities and develop some better skills. I hope to knit a few sweaters in 2016. For my children and myself. I have had a few in my queue for a while because I couldn’t find a wool I liked (in the past I’ve used acrylic, but now I want to use a nice super wash wool) and now I’ve used some wools I’ve never used in the past, I’m spoiled and don’t like to work with scratchy ones. I just have to save my pennies for those purchases.

Here are some photos of socks I’ve knit this year:

Based on Hermione’s Everyday Sock pattern found on Ravelry…. I adapted the pattern for this sock because it was 60 stitches around.
I knit these as directed in the pattern, didnt care for the fit since they are slightly loose so I will knit these differently in the future. This is still one of my favorite easy patterns.
These socks turned out great! The fit is PERFECT, and they are so warm… but they were a pain in the backside! 5 weeks and enough frogging to fill a pond. All in all, worth the effort (just this once!)

Stay tuned for my future posts: End of Year Knitting Recap; 2016 #yearofsockschallenge; and Online wool sellers I support/recommend.
Who inspires your knitting? What do you hope to accomplish in your craft?! If you have anything you’d like me to blog about, feel free to message or leave a comment.


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