Mitered Square Blanket

Knitting a blanket?! I swore I’d never attempt this feat because, well, I’m lazy when it comes to knitting. I rather NOT have many ends to darn and I want a quick project to finish for that wonderful feeling of instant gratification.

Yet, I find myself becoming more obsessed with this project. Allowing myself time to commit to a few other projects and working on this one between was difficult but now it’s working out pretty well (honestly, it’s only because I’m scheduling it in my planner – yes, I’m one of those people)

I don’t have many photos to share so far, but I have over 60 squares completed and attached! Here is what I last photographed (there are currently more squares though) I won’t pull this out again until Friday because I have other projects scheduled each day these week.

Here is a close up as I worked on it:

I’ve agreed to take part in a little yarn swap designed particularly for these types of blankets: Mini Skein Swap. I’m only going to this with individuals instead of the more organized/large group swaps. I’ve done a crocheted square swap in the past (a few years ago) and I was disappointed to see some women who didn’t send anything out and didn’t answer emails but they would still update their social media accounts and list on Etsy.

I do plan on sharing the gorgeous swaps I receive because you never know if there is an undiscovered yarn that other people haven’t heard of or seen before. I am also interested in the yarn other people use. I plan on sending a variety of my scraps as well.

I will be posting later this week (Friday) photos of all of my current projects. I felt a quick update was necessary since I didn’t get to post in over a week (my daughter had her tonsils and adenoids removed, so I’ve been busy taking care of her)



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