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June already?!

Where has the year been going?  I swear it was just January, and now it’s already the 4th of June and summer break is underway!

My daughter’s recovery from her tonsil and adenoid removal surgery went well, aside from some severe pain a few days post op (we got her what she needed to be comfortable) everything else went perfect. She’s sleeping better and hasn’t been sick since *knock on wood*

February – May were pretty uneventful – just the normal routine. (I know, so boring!)

I have been busy with that little mitered square blanket, and I even took the task of changing the blanket from being a zigzagged edge to a straight edge in the middle of the project. It seems crazy, but it’s working out pretty well. I’m making a piece, which is quite large, to sew into the bottom of the blanket to even it out. I’ll post photos of the progress, but for now, it just looks like another blanket has been started.


It is making good progress, isn’t it?

I’ve finally finished two pairs of socks this year – I had a few pairs that were ruined by the cat (long story short, she used them to potty on)


I have been bitten by the spinning bug as well…. sort of! I made my own little drop spindle (thank you to Nancy’s blog here) for the super easy tutorial – and I ordered some roving this week from Knit Picks (some Stroll roving! — as well as some Bare Hare fingering because…. BUNNIES! I must make bunny yarn socks!)  I’ll also share that process on here.

Another blog that I love to follow is Chaos in the Country because her blog covers many topics of interest to me (knitting, cooking, parents, life in Alaska, etc) One day, I want to move to Alaska. I know that may sound crazy, but I’ve wanted that life for more years than I can count. It WILL happen… one day. Until that happens, I’ll live through interesting posts from others’ blogs.

Oh, and not to forget…
Planning (yup, with a paper planner and more stickers than I’d like to admit) is my less known obsession/hobby – and I’ve been using paper planners since around 1995, but I fell out of using them about 10 years ago because I couldn’t find one that I liked – in walked Erin Condren– I haven’t looked back since. It is great quality, colorful, fun, and sturdy. I love that you can choose from three layouts (vertical, horizontal and hourly) as well as the new option of a colorful or neutral inner page scheme…. plus endless cover and accessory options. It really has become an addiction! I did choose the vertical with the colorful layout with a platinum coil. If you are in the market for a paper planner, I would highly suggest using a Life Planner – they are my favorite and so beautiful (did I mention they are made to order as well?!)  There are too many features to show on this entry but I will share my planner in a separate post when it comes in the mail and compare it to the last version. If you click on the link above, you just need to sign up and you will be sent a code to save $10 off of your first purchase – even if you don’t purchase a planner, but something else on the site. It’s worth a look around for other items too (notebooks, pens, acrylic containers or trays, stationary, etc and it’s nearly all customizable!) Below you see the current cover I’m using (unfortunately it is no longer offered) where I added all my favorite memories from Doctor Who.


Now that school is out for summer (and the kids are starting summer school) I have much more time to post, as I’ll be writing drafts on my phone as well 🙂  I miss blogging and the connection with my followers from my old blog. If you wish to follow my IG – it is miss_nay_plans



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