Overdue Update

Hello readers!

It has been quite the gap between posts, with June 2016 being my last update. Before I update you with all of the happenings since that time, I must extend my appreciation to those who have continued to visit my blog (I love looking at the site statistics)

I went through a move from Wyoming to Tennessee, a divorce, a marriage and some inner reflection and self improvement. Please, do not worry about the divorce, it was a long time in the making and I was already through the stages mentally that a divorce can put us through.

I met my current husband through a mutual friend who I served in the Army with years ago. Her brother served with is friends with my husband. Through some online conversations, video chats and phone calls – we both fell for each other hard. I relocated to Tennessee (where he was living at the time) in the early summer of 2017 and this is where we still are – setting down our roots. I do miss Wyoming (it’s beauty, weather and people) but I am coming to peace with that loss.

Wyoming Sunset
Tennessee/Kentucky Sunset

In the late fall of 2017, we were married at my husband’s church. A couple of days later I was also baptized with my daughter into the church. (My son decided to be baptized a month before us, which was great because I felt he was able to make that decision without feeling like he was pressured to do it because mom was.) We are now members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints – more commonly known as Mormons – though we do not necessarily call ourselves that anymore. (That explanation can be written in a separate post all it’s own.)

November 13, 2017

February of last year, I decided to inquire if I still possessed educational benefits from my military service. Imagine my surprise and excitement when I received an envelope that informed me that I had enough time left to earn my associate’s degree with complete coverage from what I paid into the fund! I contacted a few colleges as well as the educational adviser on the local military base before coming to the decision to attend online college courses through Kaplan University – which was acquired by Purdue University and became Purdue University Global.

I am currently finishing my last week of the current term and I have maintained a 4.0 GPA from day one. I am scheduled to graduate in 13 months with a degree in Information Technology – Networking concentration. While it has been a challenge to maintain all of the aspects of my life now that it is much busier than when I lived in Wyoming, it is a testimony to myself what I am capable of under pressure.

Life doesn’t get in the way, the challenges that life throws up at us in what we perceive as inopportune times are just chances for us to grow and become stronger. Try not to look at those moments as a curse but rather a blessing for personal growth. I can do it, you can do it – we can all do it!


November 2018

P.S. Here is a photo of our family this past holiday season during a casual photo-shoot opportunity at one of our church’s meetinghouses.

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